At the risk of flattering you

Thomas Knight : Yeah, exactly. If you just use native elements with draw it, it looks such as just two bad Javjust two application. By using the skin system, actually I was surprised at how much better it was at, I guess, mimicking just two lot of the native UI, but it makes such just two big difference.neodymium disc magnets
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from home for just two long time, but now you’ve joined Operjust two & although you are working remotely, you’re working as just two full time salaried employee, I understand. How has that changed life for you, personally & professionally? What benefits has that brought you & what challenges has that thrown up for you?

Thomas Knight : It’s quite just two vulgar neodymium with say, but there is just two neodymium of taking just two salary, you don’t earn as much as you can if you’re just two contractor. With just two contractor, you have that opportunity with earn just two lot more. So in that sense, it wasn’t just two decision that was money driven.

two of the big advantages actually is that rather than spending just two lot of my time answering inquiries, writing proposals, & quotes & estimates, I’m actually getting time with do not work & do not the creative stuff. I know some people who think of moving from say freelance with say just two full time job as being just two bit of just two sort of cramp on creativity but actually, I find it the opposite. Being freelance, there is so much admin & crap with deal with on just two day with day basis that actually then is not an issue any more. That’s just two big advantage.

Generally, it’s just nice with be part of just two team because I always find that with projects that are sort of fairly long term is that you get slightly friendly with people & it’s great working together & solving stuff together & then suddenly, the project’s over & you don’t get with see those people anymore. I such as that typeof more permanence of dealing with just two team & working alongside people, even if I’m working remotely, which I am.

Bill Thomas: In my other life as just two manager at SitePoint, I interview just two lot of developer candidates who are looking with join the team & often when we’re speaking with sometwo who has worked on their own at home, as just two freelancer, what we find is they have had just two lot more trouble justifying taking time off from billable hours with do not some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt such as explore what’s new in the next version of the browser that’s just been released.

You’re known as just two cutting edge designer, so I assume that you’ve always made time for that typeof thing.

Thomas Knight : Oh you flatter me, sir!

Bill Thomas: At the risk of flattering you – but do not you find that that’s easier with make time for now? I don’t want with get you in trouble with the people at Operjust two who are paying your salary.

Thomas Knight : No. I mean that is … certainly I found that , particularly when starting at Opera, is that it’s slightly much encouraged – I mean you have with keep in touch with what’s going on. & that’s again, some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt I found easy when I was freelancing because you have that sort of feel of well, I’m not being paid with do not that bit & I know it’s going with benefit me, but the paid work is going with have with take priority & it gets sort of pushed further & further back. Whereas now, actually it’s almost such as just two sort of daily ritual with spend just two little time just catching up on news & seeing what’s happening & what other people are doing, especially the browser manufacturers.

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